Viruses have brought humanity numerous challenges – respiratory infections, cancer, neurological damage, and infections immunosuppression related. Virological research has responded to mitigate this illness burden with vaccines, antivirals, and innovation in the diagnosis. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented attention to the virology field.

A carefully balanced, evidence-based discourse is essential to address public concerns while maintaining and expanding needed research in virology. To respond rapidly to emerging viral threats, we must be able to apply up-to-date biological tools to viruses that will enable us to reduce the impact of future epidemics.

The SIV-ISV National Congress represents the annual meeting for the Italian scientists working in the different areas of virology involving basic, clinical and translational research. Moreover, the meeting will offer a superb platform for virologists, epidemiologists, pathologists, physicians, medical specialists and all healthcare professionals to attend expert updates and to share and exchange best practices, knowledge and experiences in order to establish networking and collaborations among world-wide academic and clinical professionals.

In keeping with the tradition, the scientific structure of the Congress features different thematic sessions. The congress continues to provide a global forum with an interdisciplinary approach, featuring keynote talks, plenary sessions, workshops, debates, posters and interactive discussions examining novel and exciting advancements in the management and treatment of a various emerging and reemerging viral diseases.

Special attention has been given to Young Investigators whose participation has been encouraged by Scholarships. The 8th National Congress of the Italian Society for Virology has been accredited to the Italian Ministry of Health for CME Credits for the following professionals – Medical Doctor (all disciplines), Biologist, Biotechnologist, Medical laboratory technician, Nurse, Veterinary, Pharmacist, Physicist and Chemist.

Join your colleagues in the beautiful Bologna to hear the latest research activities in different disciplines of virology in line with our mission “One virology, One Health”We are certain that your participation or presentation at the conference will contribute significantly to its success.