Abstract Materials


  • The time allocated for each oral communication is 15 minutes, including discussion. We recommend adhering to the indicated times.
  • Slides must be submitted at least 2 hours in advance at the Congress Slide Center, where technical staff will provide assistance. It will not be possible to connect your own PC for the presentation.
  • An additional opening slide is required, including the “Declaration of Potential Conflicts of Interest,” listing all financial relationships with commercial entities (e.g., pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, etc.).
    Here are some examples:
    • Dr. [insert presenting author’s name] has no financial relationships with commercial entities to disclose.
    • Dr. [insert presenting author’s name] has served as a member of data monitoring committees for Company XX [insert company name]-sponsored clinical trials.
    • Dr. [insert presenting author’s name] received research grants awarded to his/her institution from Company XX [insert company name].
    • Dr. [insert presenting author’s name] is an employee of Company XX [insert company name].


  • Poster dimensions should be 70 cm. (width) x 100 cm. (height).
  • Mounting materials will be provided in the posting area.
  • The presence of one of the authors is required at the discussion of the posters.